Base Strength – Gently heated Base Strength is a high-intensity workout rooted in yoga that builds strength without the use of weights. Base Strength focuses on body weight exercises, conditioning, and endurance through multiple cardio bursts.

Strength – Strength is a heated, high-intensity workout that combines yoga-based movement with weighted conditioning, some cardio and bodyweight training. The aim of Strength is to optimize muscle tone through weighted dumbbells.

Strength 2.0 – Strength 2.0 is a heated, high-intensity workout that focuses primarily on weighted conditioning, with some yoga-based poses. Expect the use of heavier dumbbells and complex movement to build muscle strength and stability.

Steel Mace Strength – Steel mace training facilitates graceful movement patterns, while developing new forms of self-expression with an unconventional and versatile tool. This 60-minute class is designed to strengthen functional movement, increase mobility, and improve body awareness and stability.



Base Flow – Gently-heated Base Flow focuses on alignment, muscle activation, and static holds. From new students discovering yoga, to seasoned practitioners, Base Flow’s goal is to increase body awareness and muscle burn through intelligent sequencing at a slower pace.

Flow – Flow is heated power vinyasa with an emphasis on more movement. Expect quicker setups, an initial Base Flow to establish a foundation, then more poses layered on to lengthen and intensify the flow.

Flow 2.0 – Flow 2.0 is your existing power vinyasa practice brought to the next level in a heated room. Minimal setup allows more of the focus to be on refined muscle engagement, consistent flow, advanced postures, and complex transitions.



Revive – Revive is minimally-heated, restorative-based yoga coupled with modern mobility techniques. This class aims to not only lengthen muscle fibers, but strengthen connective tissue and fascia. Through a combination of breath, mobility work, and held stretches, Revive can improve flexibility and joint stability over time, as well as help with stress relief and sleep cycles.

Revive + Meditate – A minimally-heated Revive works on mobility, flexibility, and restorative yoga poses to calm the body. 15 minutes of guided meditation quiets the mind.



Strength + Flow – Experience the best of both classes! Build muscle tone and endurance with half of our Strength format, and put it to the test Vinyasa-style with half of our Flow format, all in a gently heated room.

Flow + Revive – A gently heated Flow meets our signature Revive. Get the body moving and warm with power vinyasa movements, then cool it down with modern mobility techniques and traditional restorative-based yoga.

Yoga Fundamentals – Designed for the student just discovering their practice, or for the experienced practitioner who wants a periodic check-in. Yoga Fundamentals thoroughly breaks down the postures, concepts, and principles that are commonly seen in class.

Prenatal Yoga – Help increase strength and flexibility throughout the bumpy road of pregnancy. Classes help bring a focus to stretching, balance and alignment of the body, while focusing on controlled breath work and centering the mind. Prenatal yoga can also help increase strength and flexibility in the muscles used during childbirth. Be sure to consult with your OB-GYN before participating in a prenatal class.



Class Type Info Cost
Single Class $30
First Time Student 2 for 1 – both classes need be used within 7 days $30
10 Class Pack $27/class, expires in 90 day $270
Unlimited Monthly 10% retail discount $175/month
Founders Membership Grand opening special, available for a limited time only! $150/month
New Student Two Weeks for $60 Unlimited fourteen consecutive days, starting on first class booked. New students only $60