YOGA 2.0, a local yoga studio in Chicago, recently opened its doors in River North. Yoga River North was founded by a group of like-minded yogis and an aspiring-yogi entrepreneur. We saw an immense opportunity to up-level the yoga experience and remedy the major pain points we were experiencing and hearing from students. You thrive when you change so the Soul Sanctuary was built to eliminate these stressors.

River North Yoga Studio: Is It For You?

Worldwide, there are about 300 million people who practice yoga. In the US, about 36 million people consider themselves yogis. For some, yoga is simply a way to ensure they get some physical exercise and look after their bodies. Others, however, become much more enthusiastic about this ancient practice, due to the spiritual, physical, and mental benefits that come with regular yoga sessions.

While there are many studios out practitioners can choose from, many yogis in Chicago have been turning to YOGA 2.0 for their classes.

The studio also has a number of unique features that not many other yoga studios are unable to give students. These benefits include a pristine environment kept spotlessly clean at all times, luxurious amenities such as keyless lockers and spa-grade locker rooms. The studio also has a lobby where yogis can hang out and communicate. The instructors at YOGA 2.0 all have years of experience, and are highly qualified, providing students with close supervision.

The Unique Range Of Classes At YOGA 2.0

There are a lot of reasons why many people choose YOGA 2.0 over competing studios. In addition to giving providing visitors with a luxurious experience, the classes offered by this studio are quite unique.

The team behind YOGA 2.0 worked hard to develop three different programs that yogis can choose from, along with an additional fundamentals class for those that need to learn the basics of the practice.

Yogis interested in joining the community at YOGA 2.0 will be able to choose from one of the following programs when they sign up:

Strength Yoga

Program that combines strength training protocols with the perfect set of yoga Asanas. Expect improvements in physical strength while also improving overall fitness at the same time. The pro-gram is divided into four different levels of intensity, ensuring anyone, regardless of their experience, can join in.

Flow Yoga

A series of three different classes that focuses on helping the yogi experience improvements in body alignment. The heated power Vinyasa focuses on movement and helps to enhance body awareness while also promoting muscle engagement during each session. The three levels also ensure that every yogi has a class that will suit their experience and capabilities.

Revive Yoga

program that only includes one type of class with no varying levels, but offers movements that are suitable for all. Revive classes focus on breathing, stretches, and mobility work. Expect better flexibility in time, as well as improved joint stability. The program also helps to improve sleep and focuses on reducing stress.

YOGA 2.0 in River North, Chicago, Illinois

After serving yogis for several years at a single Chicago location, the team and founder behind YOGA 2.0 studio have decided that it is time for this brand to grow. YOGA 2.0 has announced that it is now officially opening its doors in a new location, and welcoming yoga students in River North, Chicago.

The new studio that is opening in River North will continue to meet the high expectations that this company sets for itself. Students at the new location can expect the same luxurious amenities and the same serene yogic vibes; YOGA 2.0 is known for. The instructors offering classes at the new River North studio have all been handpicked, each with an impressive set of qualification and solid experience.

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