To us, yoga is all about the art of uniting. We hope to unite not only breath to movement, body to soul, but also unite the souls in the room. At YOGA 2.0 we aim to create an experience that is more than just a workout. Regardless of why we all step on our mat, we show up to do the work, and will be encouraging our students to support each other in that journey. We’ll offer workshops, specialty classes and social events throughout the year so we can connect on and off the mat. Did we mention we have a rooftop deck? Morning and sunset yoga will be on the event schedule! Before or after class, come get some work done on our free wifi or hang out with friends in our lounge.


We are proud and honored to partner with Cara Chicago for our team member positions. Since 1991, Cara has helped people affected by poverty (and often the challenges of recovery, domestic violence, episodic homelessness, and incarceration) to get and keep quality jobs, but more importantly, rebuild hope, self-esteem and opportunity for themselves and their families, too.  




U.G.L.Y. means “U Gotta Love Yourself.”

“U gotta love yourself,” is the motto for Chicago-based artist Brandon Carlton (Ugly Brandon). Loving himself is his first step in loving others; this mindset has taken him to where he is now. People often think Ugly describes someone’s physical appearance. To Brandon, it means loving yourself in each and every way. By loving yourself first, you are taking the first step to loving others. UGLY is everything.  The authenticity of Carlton’s work lies in the representation of who he was at age 6 and the man he is today; it is at the very least a direct reflection of his experiences and growth.


Every three months, we’ll feature a different up-and-coming local artist in our lobby. Our space will also serve as a gallery after class hours, so the artist can showcase their work. Our hope is to help each artist cultivate a presence within the Chicago yoga community and beyond.